Returns & Warranty

Faulty goods

If you believe your goods may be faulty please telephone us to discuss this with one of our staff members before returning the goods as we are often able to advise and resolve problems you may experience over the telephone, thereby saving you the trouble of repacking and returning an item unnecessarily. If we cannot resolve the problem over the telephone then we will agree to a return.

30 days full refund

Please note that you have 30 days full refund for faulty goods sold on this website and can get all your money back. After 30 days has elapsed from receipt of an order the customer is responsible for the cost of returning faulty goods and/or costs of parts sent to the customer under warranty. If a fault is found to have occurred due to accidental damage, misuse or expected wear and tear you will be informed of the cost of repair/replacement and return delivery. When payment is received, the goods will be returned to you.

2 years warranty

When buying ADROP Silver water ioniser from E-shop and from our official partners around UK you get a 2 years warranty for this product. Warranty is valid for faulty items which had technical problems at the time of a purchase or stopped functioning properly, provided the user clearly followed the user manual and all other instructions in this website.

Authorised returns of faulty goods should be accompanied by information and a letter explaining fully the reasons you think the goods are faulty. If the goods are faulty they will be refunded (up to 30 days after the purchase), repaired or replaced (up to 2 years after the purchase, having receipt or other proof of the transaction). If the goods are found to not be faulty then we will have to charge for the time spent testing the equipment and/or return delivery charges at our standard delivery rates.