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Ionised Shower Head


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Shower heads with ionisation filters made of semi-precious gemstones (coral, tourmaline, shungite and silicon) remove chlorine, heavy metals, hardening salts and bacteria from water.

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Looking for ionised shower head? Adrop offers a solution for hard water softeningshower head with hard water filter. Buy online around the UK.

The ionised shower head, containing Maifan and germanium ceramic granules, is unique in composition. It emits infrared radiation and negative ions and performs a number of useful functions, such as clearing heavy metals and harmful bacteria, activating beneficial elements, as well as purifying and softening the water. In fact, the ionised shower head restores the initial natural structure of water.

The device employs the principles of acupuncture, an ancient Oriental treatment method that involves the use of needles. Due to its particular structure and regulated pressure flow, spurts of water massage important points on the body.

The special structure of the shower head strengthens water flow, which helps reduce the consumption of water use by up to 30 percent.

Far infrared radiation

As the water flows through the shower head, infrared radiation, at a wavelength of 8 to 14 microns, activates the beneficial elements contained within it. Infrared radiation modifies the water molecules, heightens their permeability and penetrative ability. Infrared waves are natural and safe. They warm the body while penetrating it, ensure a sufficient oxygen supply, improve circulation, reduce the surplus of fat cells, prevent bacterial growth, activate the metabolism and strengthen the immune system.

Negative ions

These are atoms, molecules and molecular parts containing more electrons than usual. They split under the impact of infrared radiation and chemical processes taking place in the air and in the water. Negative ions have been proven to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses, as well as to neutralize the effects of dust, pollen, strong odours and harmful chemicals. They also help fend off fatigue, increase oxygen supply, activate the metabolism and improve sleep quality. Water enriched with negative ions is softer, which is beneficial to the hair and skin.

Another important property of the ionised shower head is its ability to bind chlorine molecules in tap water and eliminate them safely, avoiding contact with the body. This is highly relevant, as warm water opens up pores and more chlorine enters the body as a result. As a matter of fact, the body absorbs more chlorine through the skin and lungs while showering than drinking chlorinated water.

Germanium granules 

Germanium is the 32nd element of Mendeleev’s periodic table. It is rarely found on Earth, thus it is not surprising that on international stock exchanges the price of germanium equals that of gold.

Germanium supplies oxygen to the body’s cells and enhances their immunity. Biochemist Stephen A. Levin – one of the first investigators of the properties of germanium – found that all of the useful characteristics of this trace element are related to the ability to improve the supply of oxygen to living tissues.

The crystal structure of germanium is analogous to that of a diamond. Its molecule is made of three parts of oxygen and one part of germanium. Therefore, it is presumed that organic germanium in the blood acts like haemoglobin, also characterized by a negative charge, which participates in the transfer of oxygen and thus prevents the development of hypoxia (oxygen deficiency) in the body’s tissues.

What sets this trace element apart from others is the ability to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin and replenish tissues with life-giving oxygen, neutralizing the harmful effect of free radicals and active oxygen, which are frequent causes of early wrinkles, blemishes, irritations, pimples, dilated capillaries and lacklustre skin. Dubbed ‘vitamin O’ by scientists, germanium restores the surface of the skin, removes toxins and active oxygen from its deepest layers and supplies the cells with nutrients.

Maifan ceramic granules

The medical stone Maifan, obtained in China and Mongolia, is a biologically active mineral that serves a number of beneficial purposes. A rich source of trace elements such as calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, copper and others, it is famed in the East as the stone of longevity and health. Maifan strengthens physiological functions, improves blood circulation and metabolism, normalises blood-pressure, strengthens the immune system, removes excess superoxide (harmful anions) and detoxifies the body. It is also known to prevent digestive disorders.

Ionised shower head with hard water filter is not only a smart water softening solution, but the means to maintain wellness and overall health!

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