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Air Ioniser IVENTUS 2100

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An efficient and compact gadget based on a plasmatic air ionisation system, the air ioniser is designed to clean and ionise air at home and in the car.

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Product Description

Eager to secure clean air at home or in the car? Sifting through an array of air purifiers available in the market to figure out which one may serve you best?

Breathe fresh air and feel good with portable air purifier iVentus 2100!

An efficient and compact air purifier based on a plasmatic air ionisation system is designed to clean and ionise air at home.

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Ionic air purifier for allergy, asthma and overall health

The device removes a broad spectrum of pollutants, including vapours, carbon black, propane, nicotine, benzene, suspended solids, smoke, gas, dust (including dust mites), mould, bacteria, viruses, pollen, fungi, oils, insect allergens, dandruff and fluff.

By enhancing indoor air quality home air purifier can have a favourable effect on the treatment of respiratory and ENT diseases, including asthma, allergic rhinitis and other types of allergy. The device may also reduce the risk of acute respiratory conditions and viral infections. Ionised air is also proved to be beneficial in cases of stress and exhaustion, as well as with metabolic conditions and sleep disorders.

Health beneficial UV function

The device has a subsidiary UV function. The ultraviolet radiation emitted by the UV lamp is very biologically and chemically active. Just a small amount is enough to stimulate growth, strengthen the body and destroy an entire spectrum of pathogenic bacteria.

The air ioniser emits UV radiation in order to disinfect domestic spaces. A small amount of ozone released over a certain period of time does not present any health hazard. Moreover, it naturally purifies the air. Due to the action of the ozone – a powerful oxidant – organic agents in the air turn into eco-friendly components, such as carbonic acid, water vapour and oxygen.

Electrostatic shielding

Placed near sources that emit electrostatic fields, such as TV sets and computer displays that have been turned on, ionic air purifier lowers the positive charge tension created by their fields by 5 to 10 times. We recommend keeping the ioniser at a distance of 0.5-1 m from these sources.

Space-saving and energy efficient

iVentus 2100 is safe and easy to use, has no replacement air filters and does not take up extra storage space. The electrical plug built into the frame means that the ioniser can be kept close to the wall. In addition to this, the device is energy efficient, only using 8 W.

Easy to manage

The dust collectors, which pick up harmful particles in the air, are located at the bottom and are easy to clean. The upper lid is easy to detach, making cleaning the device or replacing the UV bulb a simple task.


Due to its attractive design, the iVentus 2100 air ioniser can serve as a high-tech home accessory.

Tips for use. Use ‘High mode’ in spaces with an area of over 30 m2, and use ‘Low mode’ for spaces that are smaller. If the device is placed in a small room where the air is relatively clean, you can periodically switch the device on and off as necessary. To purify the air in a room quickly and efficiently, place the ioniser as close as possible to the source of pollution.

Warranty period: 12 months.

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