Due to increasing consumer interest in healthy living and enhanced sensitivity to the quality of drinking water, the market for domestic water ionisers is experiencing significant growth in the UK. As manufacturers of high-quality portable domestic water ionisers with exclusive features we have embraced the opportunity to fill this emerging niche. In response to current market trends, we look forward to establishing new partnerships in the wholesale, retail & e-commerce sectors for the purpose of selling our products.


Wholesalers who would like to enter into a partnership with us would not be expected to sell our products but rather to take care of their distribution and look for suitable sales spots across the country.

We are highly interested in partnering with companies that have proven sales experience in the water purifying business.

This offers the most profitable way of partnership.


Prospective partners in the retail sector could be health and miscellaneous store retailers, beauty salons, SPAs and fitness centres that have an interest in selling domestic water ionizers.

This offers the most profitable way of partnership.


All sort of businesses can spread a word about alkaline water and sell the ADROP water ionizer to their customers. It is enough to have one appliance for presentation at your store or list a device on your website! From pharmacy shop to electrical e-shop, from personal trainer at the gym to water filters store – everyone can benefits from having ADROP in their product portfolio.

You get an order, we ship the device to your customer and the profit is yours! The most convenient way of partnership with almost no investment required.


Be the ambassador of our product. Get all necessary tools (including marketing materials, product trainings and etc.) to introduce this product to your clients, friends, relatives or coworkers and get a stable commission from each product sold.

This is perfect for practitioners, personal trainers, healthy lifestyle coaches and regular individuals, who care about their water quality.

ZERO initial investment and guaranteed benefits for sales.

Contact us:

Business Development Manager
Martynas Gruodis
Phone: 07884 155563
E-mail: martynas@a-drop.co.uk