ionised water for family

The importance of ionized alkaline water for family health is not to be underestimated. A distinguishing quality of ionised alkaline water is its remarkable purity. It is free of contaminants, i.e., hazardous chemicals and bacteria that can find their way into regular drinking water. Some people, conscious of various health hazards that surround them, resort to drinking bottled water instead of tap water, but then they encounter another risk factor – the unfortunate process of plastic leaching into the water.

Ionized alkaline water helps to keep the whole family hydrated with enough minerals for the whole day. It is vital for children to keep their immune system strong, therefore they have to receive the necessary amount of antioxidants daily. Parents is no different if not more vulnerable, because additionally they endure a lot of stress in their daily activities. This all accumulates into access toxins and free radicals.
All of this can be achieved by drinking ionized alkaline water.

With a water ionizer at home you can rest easy and be sure to get the best quality water day by day.

The stability of pH balance in the bodies of pregnant women and their babies is a very important health factor, especially in the early stages of pregnancy. During that time mother’s body loses huge amounts of alkaline minerals to the placenta needed to neutralise the acidic waste coming from the foetus. This leads to increased acidity in the blood. On the other hand, pregnancy creates a very high demand of water. As the fetus grows into a full-term baby, over 1 trillion cell divisions take place. Each new cell must be filled with water. Both acidification and under-hydration are a few of the major reasons behind morning sickness. That is why moms-to-be should keep their bodies well hydrated. They will benefit from ionized alkaline water, as the latter helps alleviate nausea and other symptoms of toxicosis.

Another issue they frequently face is tooth loss and brittle bones, which is linked to the depletion of the body’s mineral resources, especially calcium, and the disruption of its acid alkaline balance. Alkalised water, saturated with alkaline minerals balanced in optimum proportions, helps make up for mineral loss during pregnancy.

Ionised water does not cause oedema, which is a frequent condition in pregnant women. It is easily swallowed, quickly circulated and excreted from the body, along with toxins produced by the foetus.

Prof. Watanabe Ifao, the Head of Gynaecology Dept. at Watanabe Hospital, Japan conducted extensive studies on the effects of ionised alkaline water on pregnant women and their offspring. The studies have shown that drinking plenty of ionised alkaline antioxidant water can lower the risk of pre-eclamptic toxemia – a dangerous condition that develops because of overacidity of the mother’s body for a long time. In his own words:

“During my long years of servicing the pre-eclamptic toxemia cases, I found that the women with pre-eclamptic toxemia who consumed antioxidant water tend to deliver healthier babies with stronger muscles. A survey report carried out on babies in this group showed intelligence above average.”

Also, the findings of prof. W. Ifao studies have demonstrated that drinking ionized water helps stabilize blood pressure, reduce water retention and reduce the swelling in hands, ankles and feet. Women who drink ionised water during their pregnancy can look forward to a smoother delivery, quicker postnatal rehabilitation and longer lactation period.

A survey report carried out on babies born in this group has shown that their intelligence tends to be above average. There are testimonies that newborn babies of women who have been drinking ionized water while pregnant, have an extremely low risk of developing jaundice.

Speaking of older kids, it is essential that they learn the importance of drinking alkalised water as early as possible, before they develop an unhealthy preference for soft drinks – soda pop, sugary fruit juice and the like – which tends to become addictive. Note that all soft drinks are acidic in nature and have harmful effects on the body.

The most obvious target for hazardous acids is a child’s teeth. The phosphoric acid in the soda lowers the pH of saliva to acidic levels. To neutralize the acidity of saliva the body pulls calcium ions from the teeth. As a result, the enamel coating on the teeth begins to thin rapidly.

The sugar in soft drinks impedes the delivery of oxygen to the cells and the removal of carbon dioxide from the cells. The result is a detrimental build-up of acidic waste in the body that leads to oxidative stress. The latter is associated with numerous health hazards such as obesity, diabetes, tooth decay, osteoporosis, nutritional deficiencies, heart disease, food addictions and many others.

Dr. Peggy Parker, a world-renowned naturopathic physician and expert on ionized water, warns that children are as susceptible to the damaging effects of oxidative stress as adults are and they are also prone to disease.

A generous daily dose of antioxidants will lower the oxidative stress and strengthen the young body’s immune system. Ionised alkaline water will give your children tremendous amounts of antioxidants and oxygen, thus helping their bodies function efficiently and building a strong immune system.

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Keeping the home tidy should be a caring adults’ priority. This task includes removing dust, wiping the floor and other surfaces, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, a couple of times daily.

Synthetic chemical detergents are not suitable for the purpose due to the irritating and even poisonous agents they contain. Instead you can utilise non-chemical disinfectants that are safe but no less efficient and free of charge. Consider acidic water as an alternative.

Strong acidic water with a pH of 2.6 and below has proved itself as a powerful antiseptic, working against almost all bacteria, viruses, fungi and mould. You can use it for disinfecting various surfaces in the home without resorting to chemicals. Strong acidic water creates an anaerobic environment which destroys bacteria within seconds. Take a damp cloth soaked in acidic water and wipe the surfaces that require cleaning.

Acidic water also comes in handy as a detergent for cleaning the baby’s bath, disinfecting bottles, utensils and dummies. Pick whichever items you wish to disinfect and soak them for about an hour in acidic water. Once they are soaked, place them on a clean towel or cloth to dry.

Another common challenge for young mums is changing baby clothes and linen. This is a task that has to be done frequently, as these items get dirty in no time, picking up food stains, saliva and bodily excretions. Acidic water can easily remove these stains as well as bleach and disinfect the clothes. All you have to do is place the dirty linen in a tub of acidic water with some neutral cleaning agent and soak for a while.

Older kids are very active and full of curiosity. That’s why they frequently engage in reckless games and may hurt themselves as a result. If your child happens to experience an injury, ionised acidic water will come to their aid. Use it for rinsing wounds, cuts and scrapes – it will guard against infection, promote faster healing and slow down bleeding from minor injuries.

Acidic water will help calm baby diaper rashes and skin irritation, which is a frequent condition in babies. Older kids and the whole family can use it for gargling to treat sore throats, tooth or gum infections, nasal congestion and the like. It will also make an excellent mouthwash for preventing bad breath.