Quality Policy

Production quality

For preparation of silver water we use a special tool – 99.99% pure silver electrode. Only the highest standard silver is suitable, as other substances present in the composition of metal can leach into the water and get into the body, which must not be allowed to happen.

Quality water may be obtained only by means of special metals, suitable for electrolysisiridiumtitanium and ruthenium.  Electrodes of our water ionisers are made of titanium, coated by iridium and ruthenium oxide mixture. These rare and precious metals warranty the topmost quality of the device.

The commitment to impeccable quality at every stage of our business activity is our greatest strength and responsibility. Reliability, timeliness and cost-effectiveness are the keys to our success, and customer satisfaction is a criterion for good performance.

Our management is committed to:

  • constantly improving the quality of business processes in pursuit of the best results
  • regularly training employees and developing their qualification;
  • constantly improving the quality of our products and increasing production capacity;
  • developing communication with customers and contractors for the purpose of improving product and performance quality;
  • planning and monitoring the implementation of the aforementioned commitments.

Our main product – the ADROP water ioniser featuring a water silvering function – is a unique invention, certified and patented by an authorised institution.

We work hard to make sure that each and every one of our products measures up to its technical specifications, has zero defects and causes no harm to the end user. Our customer service policy is geared towards securing a quick and efficient response to any requests that may arise and the timely delivery of goods.

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