The body has limits for how much it can compensate for acid imbalance. Therefore, food intake plays a critical role in maintaining the acid-alkaline balance. Many diseases are the result of the body’s attempt to rebalance the internal environment.

Main signs your body might be too acidic:

    • Immune deficiency
    • Low energy and chronic fatigue
    • Heart problems, arrhythmias, increased heart rate
    • Weight gain, obesity, and diabetes
    • Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea
    • Headaches, confusion, sleepiness
    • Joint pain
    • Allergies, acne

Every disease, from the common cold to cancer, manifests itself when the body becomes incapable of coping with the accumulation of acidic waste and resisting the damaging effect of free radicals. The increasing acidity of the body’s internal environment leads to poor blood circulation and sets the stage for the development of multiple diseases.

Acidic body = unhealthy body

However, the secret to good health and longevity lies in the capacity of the body to neutralize and get rid of acidic waste. Of course, you have to make an effort to regulate pH levels in the body by adjusting your bad habits first. The inclusion of alkalized water in your diet is an excellent choice, as it tackles the task with great efficiency.