Lisa Howarth, Strategic Sourcing Manager at 3M

Following lots of research, I decided to purchase the large Silver Water Ioniser at Christmas time… From the very first glass, I could feel a change.  The water tasted so clean and pure, it made me smile every time I drank it.. Since I had a sepsis infection 2 years ago and many pharma products polluting my body, I have struggled with subsequent allergies and food sensitivities causing extreme gut and skin issues. The ioniser comes with a very handy recommendations booklet which gives lots of ideas on how to use the acid / alkaline / silver water to its best potential.  I use it topically on my skin and hair. I clean cuts and grazes, before using silver water to speed their healing. I ingest silver /alkaline water regularly, and spray it to clean myself and the house.  My cat, my children and my house plants are all happier since they’ve started using the waters produced in my ioniser.. Its a fab product, easy to use, and keep clean, and well worth every penny! I am so thankful I discovered A-Drop xx
Milin Patel – World of Water Consultancy Ltd
As a professional in water business and water technology it is vital for me to try out different types of water and understand the best drinking water options for consumers. 

For me the benefits of ionized alkaline water became more than a right water choice for lifestyle choice with long term health and wellbeing benefits.

My decision to include a balance alkaline water into my family’s diet was made years ago.
ADROP water ionizers are well constructed with great research and development. 
The portable 3 liter size device is very easy to make alkaline water everyday at home and help reduce single use plastic bottles.

Steve McKoy Founder of The Raw McKoy

As a lifestyle coach I was already aware of the benefits of alkaline and ionised water and was interested in exploring the ADROP water ioniser not because I have a medical condition but because I don’t want one!

And the ADROP seemed to have all the benefits and also be very easy to use. 

Since purchasing my ioniser I have undoubtedly seen a boost in my energy levels and an increase in my general wellbeing, so much so in fact that I have recommended it to my clients who have a range of chronic health conditions. The feedback has been phenomenal as they are experiencing an improvement in health as well as appreciating the ease of use and will now themselves be recommending it to others.

Anna, sale advisor for Vorkwerk and yoga teacher

When I bought the a drop I didn’t know much about ionised alkaline water, and not even the use to cure diseases.

After only two months of drinking ionised water my hair growth improved, they are shining, they don’t break like before and I stop losing hair.

I have always suffered of constipation and as a miracle with ionised water I go to the toilet regularly. My skin looks so healthy and fresh, I am totally in love with this product and I can’t stop talking about it to all my friends.

The silvered water it was just a life saver for me, I have always suffered with sore throat , a rinse of silvered water and it all magically disappear.

Best money ever spent , I love it!

Stuart, holder of Ladies Gym In Finchley

I have learned about ionized water from my friends. In the beginning I was a little bit skeptical about it, but I still gave it a go and bought water ionizer with silver function. When I started to use ionized water just as a replacement for a bottled water I noticed that it had some detox effects on my body and increased metabolism. First couple weeks it felt like you are “giving away” more than usual unneeded stuff from your body. Since I noticed that it is working then things got more interesting and I started to study other uses of it. I used different PH levels water and silver water as instructed in manual for treating bruises, wounds, acne, blocked nose and many other ways. It is very useful item to have at home, with very wide range of use! At the end of the day this water ionizer saved me money since I am not buying any more bottled water. Ionized water is healthier and tastes just better! You have to give it a go.

Sigitas Brazinskas, international development consultant

Healthy lifestyle is rapidly gaining recognition. We are increasingly considering about lifestyle, consumption habits and nutrition. Our well-being and health largely depend on it. Water quality and adequate water intake per day are an integral part of a healthy lifestyle and well-being. Therefore, I prepare alkaline water for the family every morning using the Aquator.

Justin, general manager

I drink ionised alkaline water and make an effort to use this device as much as possible on a daily basis. I drink 1.5-2 litres of water, I use it for coffee, tea, for mixing fruit or vegetable smoothies. I’m very happy with the results: my blood circulation has improved, my limbs don’t get cold any more. My family members, close ones and several friends of mine also use water ionisers and they have good things to say too: they say that their joint condition has improved, blood-sugar levels have decreased, their heartburn has disappeared, the appearance of their skin has improved because this water cleanses the liver and kidneys. I’m very happy to be able to share my good experience and I would recommend a water ioniser for everyone.

Maris, owner of the construction company

I have only been drinking the water for two weeks. I feel so much better and have more energy. When I started drinking this water, I started eating less than before. Because I work out every other day, I drink the water after every workout and it quickly restores the body.

Augis, passive fire protection

I was sceptical of this “miracle water” when I was introduced to it. But my friend encouraged me to try it because of his great experience with the product. After 4 weeks I lost 5 kg and had absolutely no desire to drink diet sodas which I would typically consume once or more a day. That’s when I began to take it more seriously. I adjusted my diet without experiencing the cravings that came along with my previous diets.

Digna, trained nurse

I have been drinking alkaline water for a long time now. I am very satisfied with the decreased acidity and improved circulatory function. Acidic water is great for disinfection – I use it to rinse my throat or nose when I get a cold.

Sandra, beautician, 35 years

I work as a beautician and have done so for the past 10 years. I spend a lot of time not only delivering quality services to my customers, but also chatting with them. That is how my story with ionised water began. As I was working with my friend, she told me about ionised water and its “magical” powers. As I later found out, ionised water is not only meant for drinking, you can also use it for cooking, watering flowers and even for beauty procedures such as washing your face or skin disinfection. Because I am a beautician, it got my attention and I decided to buy a water ioniser. I am typically sceptical about such spontaneous purchases, but you know what… It is one of these things that I bought and never regretted purchasing.

Three months later, I noticed the beneficial effects it had on me, especially alkaline water. I start each day full of energy and in a good mood, and I use ionised water for skincare and for cooking. All my family use it and we are getting healthier by the day! There are many more ways to use ionised water to make you look and feel very beautiful. That is one of the most important features of my work too. I do recommend this device to all my friends and customers who want to look and feel more beautiful!

Lily, housewife, 22 years

I live in London and am a mother of two. I have wonderful daughters, but one of them contracted a rare kidney disease. As you can imagine, I do what I can to make my daughter‘s life easier. And that’s how I came across this water ionizer. I came across it accidentally on German and US websites. I saw that many people were using it and noticed the benefits of ionized water. I didn‘t have anything to lose. So I decided to get my own water ionizer. As we began to use ionized water, I noticed that my digestion improved and my skin became more beautiful. My daughters fell in love with this water as well. So it became part of our everyday life. Now we drink ionized water, use it to wash fruits, make tea and cook with it.

After three years of using it I am very happy because my daughter uses less medication than she used to. Our doctors also noticed the improvements and took an interest in ionized water. This water ionizer has many more functions to offer, such as silvered water. Every time we feel ill, we use silvered water. This device has become part of our life and our family feels much better. I recommend this water ionizer to anyone who can relate to my story.

Rita, psychologist, 55 years

The first time I heard about this ionized alkaline water device was a few years ago when I got it as a present from my friends. I started to drink it instead of regular water, but I didn’t have any particular expectations. I used to have various digestive disorders and increased levels of stomach acid. I noticed that the burning sensation in my stomach and other uncomfortable feelings were gone after a few weeks. I decided to do some research on ionized alkaline water. I found a lot of well-grounded and useful information about it. I was surprised that countries like the US and Japan have been using ionized water for many years already.

After some time using this water, I noticed that I had more energy and I wasn’t as stressed. My skin had more of a glow to it and my hair started to look glossier. Even after accidently eating old food and experiencing food poisoning, I didn’t need to use any medication. I only drank silvered water instead.

I felt much better that very same evening and continued doing my work.

I try to use this device so that I get maximum benefits. I drink 1.2-2 litres of ionized water every day. I use ionized water to make coffee, tea and smoothies from various fruits and vegetables.

I must admit that not only has this water had a positive impact on my well-being, but it is also very tasty.

Christina, sales manager, 45 years

My family started using a water ionizer one year ago. We stopped buying bottled water. Now we only drink ionized water. We use it for soups, coffee and tea, we often use ionized water to wash fruit and vegetables. Not only do they look fresher, but they taste better too. My friends were surprised by how store-bought berries could taste so natural.

My family’s health improved and various digestive problems subsided. What is more, the silvered water helps against the flu and a congested nose. We are very happy with this purchase and have recommended it to our friends. Five of my close relatives and friends have bought water ionizers and are very happy with them.