Alkaline water – for shapely body

Sales manager shares her unique weight loss success story

 Would you believe if somebody told you that they had managed to shed those extra kilos with ease and smile on their lips? It‘s hard to believe until you meet a living proof. One of those is sales manager Emma. Looking at this beaming, graceful and shapely woman one may hardly believe that just a year ago she carried a heavy load – almost 20 kg of extra weight – on her fragile female shoulders. The impression is strengthened by contrast between the photo from that fairly recent period of Emma’s life and her current appearance.

Evolution and – partially – the realities of modern lifestyle have decided that the issue of weight regulation is relevant to most women who have come across the threshold of their 40th birthday. We eat substantially but often chaotically and exercise less than we should… But at the whiff of spring we are so eager to feel light as feathers and fly on the wings of a butterfly. We asked our heroine, how did she manage to lose that weight? Maybe she found a panacea, which could help all of us to turn into graceful fairies?

“There is no panacea if you have in mind some “magic pill”,” smiles Emma. “Everything you do requires patience and will power. However, there are certain rules and means to help you achieve good results without much suffering, and they may even bring you a lot of joy in the long run”.

Healthy diet, not starvation

So, it turns out that you mustn’t torture yourself with emaciating diet to win the battle with your weight. The main rules of slimming Emma adheres to are as follows: do not overeat and stick to your eating regimen. In other words, reduce the portion size, refrain from unnecessary snacking, look what you put to mouth and take your meals everyday at about the same time. “It is important to observe that your nutrition is balanced and the body receives all required nutrients on a regular basis”.

The first half-day is a time when the body requires the biggest amount of daily energy. That’s when the biggest share of daily calories has to be received. It is essential to eat a healthy breakfast, well-balanced and nutritious lunch. The dinner should be lighter.  One may snack once or twice a day to keep the stomach from growling.

Which products to use during the day? When one would benefit most from a good doze of healthy carbs and when one would rather refrain from then and opt for proteins instead? “Yes, in order to slim down it is important to take account of basic food groups. Products rich in carbohydrates should be consumed in the first half-day, and protein rich foods – in the second. For instance, fruits, rich in carbs, are better to be savoured in the first half-day, while vegetables and legumes – in the second”.

It’s curious, where from Emma has gained such knowledge to be able to pour advice like a seasoned nutrition consultant? Maybe she visited some famous dieticians? “Nothing of the kind,” she assures. “I never visited dieticians because I was never fond of unnatural and tormenting dietary restrictions. However, I met a person who helped me a lot to balance my nutrition and lead me down the road of healthy slimming. This is my current yoga instructor, who happens to be fitness professional as well. With an excellent knowledge of human physiology and nutrient absorption that she has, she took to consulting me on nutrition related issues. Moreover, she encouraged me to exercise. Now I attend her yoga classes twice a week and feel amazing. It’s the first time in my life that I’m engaged in regular physical activity and like it so much to boot”.

Ionised alkaline water therapy

Ionised alkaline water was Emma’s greatest discovery. It not only made the slimming process smoother but was very beneficial to her health. “After setting to live by a different set of rules I started to drink a lot of ionised alkaline water. I take my first glass first thing in the morning and carry my water-bottle everywhere I go throughout the day. I noticed that my skin began to shrink very nicely as the weight dropped fast, which was very good news for me. You know, I’m almost 40 years old and my skin elasticity is not as it was in my twenties… It’s awful to watch some fast slimming women walk with lifebuoys on their wastes. In cases like these, plastic surgery is the only recourse”.

The woman reports to have felt first signs of betterment in about a month: there was an influx of new energy, unpleasant dry skin sensations have vanished. Most importantly, her wearing tummy troubles have ceased. “For many years, I had problems with my stomach – high acidity levels incessantly disturbed my sleep. In time, my heartburn progressed into stomach inflammation and the life on medications set in. But since I started drinking alkaline water, which was more than a year ago, I dropped medications – simply because I didn’t need them,” chuckles our interviewee.

And did ionised alkaline water help Emma to slim down? “Of course, it did, although it was hard to believe at the outset. Without it I would have hardly managed to shed excess weight so easily and graciously. I delved into the matter and found out that the most important condition of slimming is detoxification of the body, and alkaline water is an excellent means to that end.

The point is that our fat cells accumulate acidic waste or toxins, as a result of natural metabolic processes and especially unhealthy eating. The more acidic waste gets stored in the body, the thicker layer of fat gets formed. Drinking ionised alkaline water, we slow down the process of gaining fat and bring it to a halt altogether. By the same token, we help the body get rid of toxic substances.

Besides, ionised alkaline water is a great means of hydration. Due to smaller molecular formations than usual, our cells absorb it more efficiently. That’s why I would recommend everyone eager to shed some weight to start with alkaline water as a means of body detox and make it a part of their daily diet”.

The yummiest dietary component – green cocktails

Diet would be a real misery if one could not replace their favourite delicacies with no less tasty but healthy and non-fattening ones. The yummiest component of Emma’s diet is green cocktails, which she prepares herself everyday following recipes by renowned phytotherapists. Cocktails are mixed with ionised alkaline water and thus acquire additional freshness and health benefits. After all, they are a real source of natural antioxidants and alkaline minerals that are vital to the body!

Green cocktail is an excellent lunch meal. Yes, exactly – the meal, not drink. It will give you a lot of energy and enhance your buoyancy without taxing the body. Therefore, you won’t feel drowsy and be able to work energetically for the rest of the day. Emma confesses that green cocktails have significantly improved her digestive functions and helped her replace her favourite confectionary products. Who could deny that this is a better alternative to traditional coffee’n’roll?