Who we are

BURBULIUKAS & Co is a pioneering company in the field of electrochemical activation (ECA), specialising in the production of water ionisers for domestic use. Our headquarters and manufacturing facility are situated in Lithuania, but UK market operations are managed locally, through our subsidiary company B-LIFE Limited, based in London. This ensures quicker decision making, faster delivery, timely support and reliable warranty service.

What we believe…

We believe in water as a source of life, well-being and general health. Water has special powers that promote revitalization, rejuvenation and even healing. However, not every type of water can naturally activate the vital energy of the body – this is something that only alkaline water saturated with negative ions can do.

We care for the health and well-being of our consumers and offer them the best quality product to enjoy the benefits of living water.

We advocate sustainable business practices and develop partnerships with producers of eco-friendly goods that are distinguished by great quality and are beneficial to people’s health.

We cherish our current partners and look forward to establishing lasting relationships with our customers, as each one of them is important to us.

Our brand

In 2015 the Company introduced a new generation ADROP Silver water ioniser, designed exclusively for the UK market. Made in accordance with UK technological standards, the device takes full advantage of our experience and technological know-how. ADROP brand in the country is represented by our subsidiary B-LIFE Limited.

Consumer problems we resolve…

Survey data shows that the majority of consumers in the UK think that tap water is neither clean, nor healthy, and spend around 2 billion pounds annually on bottled water (2013). By selling water ioniser for domestic use, we provide them with a tool to prepare quality waterat home simply using tap water. Obtaining the device, consumers will receive significant health benefits and save their means in the long-term.

Another set of problems is related to consumer attitudes. Our market analysis shows that people don’t know very much about the advantages of ionised alkaline water, and even if they do, they tend to think that this is an expensive and inconvenient device. This attitude has an objective basis. UK market, in contrast to Asian, North American and other EU markets, doesn’t offer portable and economic and portable alkaline water machines for home useADROP water ionisers are a completely new product on the market. Their mobility and simplicity allow consumers to prepare healthy water for daily use.

We are confident that the water produced by the top-of-the-line alkaline water machine will allow individuals and families to enjoy a healthier lifestyle all around the United Kingdom.

Our achievements

BURBULIUKAS & Co is the only producer in the EU to offer mobile domestic water ioniser with flat electrodes, featuring a unique water silvering function – a patented and certified invention. We have elaborated these exclusive features for 20 years, garnering the supreme expertise in the field along the way. Our entire range of water ionisers are made exclusively of environmentally friendly materials, including BPA-free plastic.

We have earned consumer appreciation locally and globally. As of today, the largest share (over 90%) of our production is exported.